We propose the thin film temperature sensors made ​​on the basis of the platinum resistor and having long term stability, durability and reproducible of performance.  It is used for precise temperature control of processes.



Temperature range of  measurements  minus 200…+1000 0 С  
Sensor’s resistance at Т ENV = 00С (R0)100,  200, 500, 1000 Ohm 
Temperature coefficient of sensor (αT)  0,00385 ± 0,63 x 10-4 
Spread at R0  minus 0,6 …+ 0,2 % 
Response time 0,15 …05 s  
Overall dimensions without leads 3,1 x1,3  x 1,2 mm 
Leads length  10…15 mm 


  The GMC-1 is intended for acquisition and transmission of data, about of controllable object condition, through a cell-communication network to the server. 

The GMC-1 includes:

  •   the SIM900 system from GPRS module;
  • processor;
  • signals matching module ;
  • external GSM-antenna.

 The modular construction of the device and presence of the programmed processor allow using it in various systems of remote supervision and management.

The clock of a real time and reserve Li-Ion the accumulator , providing operation of controller at switching-off of an external feeding are built in the controller.

The device supports following interfaces: RS-485, RS-232, I2C, SPI, ONEWire. 


Functional capabilities:  

  •  SMS sending and receiving; 
  • Data transmission and reception by GPRS;
  • Reception and transmission of voice calls;
  • Indication about of registration in the GSM network;
  • Presence of dialing fixing number;
  • Access implementation to SIM only through defined GSM network’s operator.   


Number of digital input/output  40  
Number of analogue inputs (0...3V)  16  
Supply voltage from constant-current source   6...40 V  
Supply voltage from internal accumulator  3,7 V  (1 A per hour )  
Current consumption at call waiting  30 mA  
Current consumption at data transmission mode  300 mA  
Operation time at feeding off-line mode, no more than   
at call waiting mode  33h  
- at data transmission mode  3h  
Current peak value  A  
Digitization speed  500 ksps  
Mobile class  B  
GPRS standard  class 10